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Organized in 1999
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Asia Rice Foundation USA, Inc.

Your contributions will enable us to continue to support young people in their efforts to learn about rice.  Our only funding comes from gifts from people like you who are interested in rice.  Small grants to young scholars often lead them to a life-long interest in rice or rice-growing areas. Contributions may be designated to the General Fund or the Memorial Fund

Mail contributions to: ARFUSA, 82 Ashlar Vlg Drive, Wallingford, CT, 06492

ARFUSA Memorial 
The ARFUSA Memorial has been established to honor the memories of friends and loved ones who contributed so much to advancing knowledge about rice and helping others achieve better lives. Donations may be made to honor the memory of any person who had a connection to the rice world through the International Rice Research Institute. One-half of Memorial funds are used for annual awards and half are kept to generate earnings for future ARFUSA programs. 

Memorial donations have been made to honor:

How your money helps: One scholar had the following comment about her experience: "I have a tremendous urge to return to Asia and continue my studies in rice. I think I will forever have a heart for it and I hope an opportunity arises that I can go back to it. If you ever hear of potential opportunities through the ARF I would certainly be interested. Due to my current position I’m becoming particularly interested in rice seed pathology and impact on global economies."

Your support, in any amount will help make it possible to continue these awards.

ARFUSA is recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charitable organization so you can deduct your gift to ARFUSA just like you deduct gifts to your other favorite charities.

Send your check payable to ARFUSA to:
Asia Rice Foundation USA, Inc.
​82Ashlar Vlg Drive
Wallingford, CT 06492

All funds received are used for program purposes. Board members contribute their time and expenses associated with attending the Annual Meeting. 
​2010-2016 Donors

W. Rockwood
R. Barker
R. Coffman
E. Oyer
R. Herdt
R. Freed
G. Khush
H. Kauffman
E. Heinrichs
P. Pingali
J.K. Lahda
P. Hobbs
S.K. DeDatta
H. Murphy
A. Perdon
D. Mackill
N. Brady
R. Zeigler
J. Hill
C. Wilhelm
T. Rockwood
D. Chang
R. Khush
B. Tierney
A. Flinn-Stilwell
N. Rutger
K. Murphy
Renu Miles
S. McCouch
J. Litsinger
Wm. Rockwood
J. O'Toole
G. Hettle
P. Russell
D. Jensen
S. Banta
S. Vermani
K. Meridia
W. Freeman

Nyle C. Brady Benitos S. Vergara Robert E. Huke
Edith Yalong Ernest W. Nunn Jim Moomaw
William Golden Colin McClung Orly Santos
T.T. Chang Robert Havener Frank Byrnes
Marcos R. Vega Beverly Rockwood Jean Kauffman
Thomas Hargrove Hank Beachell Bob Huggan
John Flinn Durga Pathak Urbito Ongleo
Bob Chandler
Trustees and Council meet in Ithaca, NY, July 28-29, 2017
The meeting is open to all who are interested inthe Foundation's work