Making the rice world better
Trustees and Council Members of the Asia Rice Foundation USA (ARFUSA) participated in the 17th annual ARFUSA Trustees' meeting at Cornell on 23 July, 2016. 
Ranjiv Khush, David Mackill, Ronnie Coffman, Robert Zeigler, Robert Herdt, Kevin Murphy
(Standing) Michael Nelson, K.V. Rahman, Seshu Durvasula, Harold Kauffman, Peter Hobbs, Khin Mar Cho, R. Barker, R. Villareal, Renu Miles, Septi Thompson, S. McCouch, Naresh Durvasula

Organized in 1999
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Deadline for award applications is July 1, 2017
Asia Rice Foundation USA, Inc.
82 Ashlar Village
Wallingford, CT 06492
ARFUSA Board of trustees

David Mackill (Board Chair)
Rice Specialist with MARS, Inc. 
Adjunct professor, Plant Sciences Department, UC Davis
562-884-7668562-884-7668 (C)
530-752-4940530-752-4940 (O)

E.A. “Short” Heinrichs  
Asia Program Manager, IPM Innovation Lab
6517 S. 19th Street
Lincoln, NE 68512 
402-890-7496402-890-7496 (C) 
402-472-6011402-472-6011 (O)

Ronnie Coffman (Secretary)
International Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Director of International Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University
607-327-1824607-327-1824(C); 607-255-2554607-255-2554 (O)
607-272-7551607-272-7551 (H)

Robert S. Zeigler (Executive Director)
Director General Emeritus, International Rice Research Institute, 
Portland, OR
503-915-8924503-915-8924 (H)​

Bob Herdt (Treasurer)
82 Ashlar Village
Wallingford, CT 06492 

Jim Hill
Associate Dean for International Programs and Extension Agronomist for Rice, UC Davis 

Peter R. Hobbs
Associate Director of International
Programs, Cornell
607-539-6198607-539-6198 (H) 
607-254-7295607-254-7295 (O

Harold Kauffman
Retired, Asst. Dean International Activities and Professor Dept. Crop Sciences, University of Illinois 
IRRI 1967-81
INTSOY 1982-92
574-848-9713574-848-9713 (C/H)

Gurdev Khush
Adjunct Professor, UC Davis
World Food Prize Laureate

Ranjiv Khush
Executive Director, Aquaya Institute - research and consulting focused on safe drinking water solutions
415-680-5846415-680-5846 (H –C)
415-674-9551415-674-9551 (O)

James A. Litsinger
1365 Jacobs Place, 
Dixon, CA 95620, USA

Kevin Murphy (Vice Chair)
Assistant Research Professor,
Washington State University. 
208-596-9448208-596-9448 (C)

Alicia Perdon 
Advanced Innovation Team
W. K. Kellogg Institute
269-961-3769269-961-3769 (O)
269-965-3817269-965-3817 (H)


Randy Barker*
Professor Emeritus, Agricultural Economics,
Boston Red Sox fan

Khin Mar Cho

Dean Chang*
Partner, Gastroenterology Center of CT. Clinical Instructor, Yale University School of Medicine
203-619-3042 (C)
203-795-5710 (H)
203-281-5135 (O)

Seshu Durvasula

Naresh Durvasula

Russell Freed*, 
Professor of International Agronomy, Michigan State University 
517-355-0271 ext 187 (O)
517-410-5528 (C)

J.K. Ladha
Senior Soil Scientist, IRRI and IRRI representative for India
Mobile: 0091-987-345-6711

Susan R. McCouch
Professor, Plant Breeding & Genetics
Cornell University
(607) 745-8306(607) 745-8306(607) 745-8306 (C)

K.V. Rahman

Tim Rockwood
Rockwood Land Services LLC;
802-299-0042 (c)

Walt Rockwood* 
40 Maxwell Perkins Ln Apt 5 Cox
Windsor, VT 05089

Hugh Murphy* 
150 Kala Heights Drive
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Edwin Oyer PhD *
Emeritus Professor, Cornell University, Former Associate Director, AVRDC, Taiwan
607-257-1971 (Apr – Oct)

Renu Pathak Miles
Tracy, CA 46107

Michael Nelson
Septi Nelson

R. Villareal

*Former trustee
Trustees and Council will meet in Ithaca July 28-29, 2017
​The meeting is open to all interested in the Foundation's work
Activities will start with a seminar by our special guest speaker Gary Toenniessen, formerly with the Rockefeller Foundation, on Friday afternoon. A  reception will follow. The meeting will be held on Saturday morning and there will also be a spouse program at that time. Saturday evening will include a dinner at a local restaurant. Sunday is open.

Our hosts are Ronnie and Charlotte Coffman. The meeting logistics are being handled by Ms. Anna Garber Hammond ( She has negotiated a great rate at the Hotel Ithaca ($139/night), and rooms have been blocked for the nights of July 28-29. Please call the hotel directly to reserve a room, and mention ARFUSA to get the correct rate. (607) 272 1000.